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Urban Rhino London Dry Gin - White Rhino and Oxpecker

Distil your own Gin, meet our CEO and support Rhino Conservation


Urban Rhino London Dry Gin - Rhino and Oxpecker

This is our VIP signature experience which invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the gin-making process. 

VIP’s will have the use of your own individual still to produce a full-size 70cl bottle of bespoke gin, with your own recipe written on a personalised label.

Our gin experts will be on hand to provide recipe development and you will have a choice of over 100 botanicals from our apothecary including tonquin beans, chilli & English rhubarb.

And, not only that, you’ll leave with you own full sized bottle of award winning, Urban Rhino London Dry Gin and meet our CEO, Pete Richardson who will share his story about founding The Rhino Orphanage. 

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Urban Rhino VIP Gin Experience
  • Party Size: 8 Persons

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Urban Rhino London Dry Gin - Rhino and Oxpecker