Urban Rhino Gin Cocktails, Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly

Here at The White Rhino Gin Company we want to ensure our customers enjoy our alcohol but always drink responsibly. Whether it's a sundowner in the African bush, enjoying a drink with friends and family please follow the guidelines.

  • Over 18 to drink gin
  • No drink and driving
  • Do not drink when pregnant

There are several key messages we'd like to get across.

Firstly, the UK Chief Medical Officers recommend adults do not regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week.

A bottle of Urban Rhino Premium London Dry Gin is a proper gin and comes in at 42% abv. That means there are almost 30 (29.4 to be exact) units in a 70cl bottle. That's more than double the weekly recommended limit.

We all know another main message. Don't drink and drive! Simple - just don't even think about it.

The third main message is that it is safest not to drink alcohol when pregnant. Again - think about it! We are all about protecting baby rhinos but baby humans need to be fit and healthy to be able to grow up and be able to protect baby rhinos!

And of course alcohol is an age restricted product. Over 18s only please!!!

When you are 18 - don't go mad! Don't drink and drive, please drink responsibly, know your limits and drink in moderation.