URBAN Rhino Premium London Dry gin has been awarded an amazing 92 out of 100 by the experts at International Drinks Specialists.

Top Marks For Urban Rhino Gin

URBAN Rhino Premium London Dry gin has been awarded an amazing 92 out of 100 by the experts at International Drinks Specialists.

International Drink specialist gin score
In blind tasting they described the 42% proof award-winning gin as follows:
“Nice modern London dry gin with lovely pine, soft juniper, subtle citrus, reminiscent of tangerine, and some herby botanical notes. Clean and elegant on the nose with a nice depth and complexity.”

And they went on to highly recommend it describing it as a “beautiful…classic” of its kind.

The panel concluded Urban Rhino has a: “Rich soft palate, well integrated alcohol, sweet and round soft finish. Well balanced juniper and sweet citrus, with some fresh green herbs. Lifted and complex. Beautiful, classic and sleek example.

“It is not just a nice-looking charity gin for a great cause but a very good and highly recommended gin according to our specialists. 92 points. Highly recommended.”

International Drink specialist gin score 92

The International Drinks Specialists are global experts in the spirits industry and last year won the prestigious Spirits Business Award as Drinks Consultancy of the Year.

Urban Rhino CEO Pete Richardson said he was absolutely delighted with the award which, following the Gold Medal at the recent Spirits Business Global Spirits Masters Award and being named as a Top 10 Conservation Brand, is a real vindication of all the hard work by the team on creating something special.

He said: “Our small team has work so hard over the past few months to create a brand and a drink that can proudly sit alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Now we want the world to know that Urban Rhino is not only a supporting a really worthy cause in rhino conservation but also aiming to be a tipple of choice for those who want to enjoy a great gin.

“I think the last time I got 92 out of 100 was in my cycling proficiency test in 1976!”

About The White Rhino Gin Co: The White Rhino Gin Co produces Urban Rhino Gin, a premium London dry gin that seamlessly combines authenticity, craftsmanship, and the shared commitment to rhino conservation. With a simple and refined recipe of six botanicals, Urban Rhino Gin offers a unique opportunity for gin enthusiasts to enjoy an exceptional drinking experience while actively contributing to the fight against rhino extinction.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Pete Richardson: pete@urban-rhino.com or 07305 848567

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