Gin turns to GOLD!

Gin turns to GOLD!

Urban Rhino Gin Celebrates Gold Award Success in the London Dry Category

Urban Rhino Premium London Dry Gin, a rising new star in the world of premium spirits, has achieved an extraordinary success at the prestigious Gin Masters Competition 2023, clinching a coveted Gold Medal in the London Dry category.

This “spirited” young brand celebrates its gold standard success following Urban Rhino Gin's recent rebirth under new ownership, unveiling a new brand, an eye-catching bottle design, and an upgraded website.

Acquired just five months ago by former York resident Pete Richardson, co-founder of the world’s first rhino orphanage in South Africa in 2012, Urban Rhino Gin has swiftly emerged as a standout spirit in the industry.

Beyond its success in the London Dry category, the producers of Urban Rhino Gin at The White Rhino Gin Company honour a commitment to rhino conservation with 10% of profits from gin sales donated to rhino charities. Every bottle purchased contributes to the noble cause of protecting these endangered creatures.

The gold medal triumph at the Gin Masters Competition is a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence demonstrated by the team at The White Rhino Gin Company, its distillers at Henley Distillery and marketing agency BH&P, who have been integral to the creation of what has also been named as a “Top 10 conservation spirit brand” by The Spirits Business.

To celebrate their success, Urban Rhino Gin invites enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the brand's journey on the newly launched website, Here, visitors can learn about the brand's commitment to rhino conservation, the unique features of the redesigned bottle, and the award-winning qualities of the gin.

Expressing excitement about the gold medal win, Richardson said: "As York’s famous sons Shed Seven famously sang, ‘Are you going for gold?’ Now we can officially say we did, and we got it! I can’t believe how much the team has achieved in such a short space of time and I’m particularly delighted for Jacob, Ben and the guys at Henley Distillery who have done a fantastic job with the gin. Winning this gold medal at the Gin Masters Competition is a testament to the exceptional quality we aim to deliver. We are a small team with huge ambition to help create premium products and help save a species in our own small way - as we always say, ‘Sip Gin, Save Rhinos’!”.

In the competition’s blind tasting round, the judges’ comments included resounding praise, such as:

“Juniper, Citrus Peels: Everything a good London Dry needs to be. Chameleon-like with most mixers and tonics”.

And: “Umami nose, mineral, seaweed: A unique olfactory experience, leading to a mineral palate with a subtle juniper undertone. Long umami finish.

And another: “Nice Juniper Nose: Exhibiting good complexity with sweetness and balance, offering a lovely weight and texture.”

About The White Rhino Gin Co: The White Rhino Gin Co produces Urban Rhino Gin, a premium London dry gin that seamlessly combines authenticity, craftsmanship, and the shared commitment to rhino conservation. With a simple and refined recipe of six botanicals, Urban Rhino Gin offers a unique opportunity for gin enthusiasts to enjoy an exceptional drinking experience while actively contributing to the fight against rhino extinction.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Pete Richardson: or 07305 848567

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