Transforming Rhino Security with Effective Communication

From Roars to Radios: Transforming Rhino Security with Effective Communication

WATERBERG Rhino UK is helping create a huge new security network across an area containing one of the largest rhino populations in the world.

As part of this wider security initiative to install cameras and a communication network across The Waterberg area of Limpopo in South Africa, a new communications tower is being built at the world’s first rhino orphanage.

At a cost of R112,150, (More than £5000) this tower is more than just a metal structure. It's a game-changer. It's going to beam high-speed internet directly to the orphanage and allow much faster, safer communications across a much wider area. No more waiting around for satellite signals. This isn't just about faster tweets; it's about making the orphanage a safer haven for ALL its residents.

Just think about this for a moment: Imagine you are running a rhino orphanage. Due to the sensitivity and security in protecting the orphans, you could understand that the location of the orphanage would need to be remote and inaccessible.

However, to ensure the best protection and communication you require the highest quality technology to allow contact with the outside world.

This is the scenario for The Rhino Orphanage, founded in 2012.

For the last 12 years, the orphanage has been taking in rhino babies, left traumatised and alone as they watch their mothers fall victim to the horrendous scourge of poaching. Founder Arrie and his team offer a safe haven for orphans, they rehabilitate and eventually release them back to the wild, all so a species can survive extinction.

As Arrie says: “For all this time, the orphanage has coped with intermittent comms through expensive satellite, which at times has made life very difficult and frustrating – even when it works! So, through Waterberg Rhino UK and with the support of Urban Rhino Gin, we are installing a comms tower which will provide direct high-speed internet to the Orphanage. This will not only improve communication with the outside world but will also amplify the security that is a vital component of our lives.

“This will make the orphanage a much safer place for ALL living here."

We are proud to support this vital initiative through our GINUARY programme. And you can be part of this incredible journey too! Our GINUARY program is all about giving back. We're donating a whopping 10% of REVENUE (not just profits!) from all Urban Rhino Gin bottles sold in January to support this fantastic initiative. So, as you sip on that G&T, know that you're toasting to a safer home for these adorable rhino orphans.

Cheers to GINUARY, and here's to making the world a better place, one gin bottle at a time! 🦏🍸 #SaveTheRhinos #UrbanRhinoGin #GINUARYheroes

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