Urban Rhino London Dry Gin - Rhino and Oxpecker

At Urban Rhino, we believe in the power of enjoyment and storytelling to make a difference in the world.
Unlike other brands, our focus goes beyond crafting remarkable spirits, and our competitive difference lies in our unwavering commitment to rhino conservation. In our first year we will have donated the equivalent of 86,263.65 Rand in cash and product to rhino conservation.

With every sip of an Urban Rhino drink, you are not only enjoying a superbly crafted and sustainably produced spirit, but also actively contributing to the protection and preservation of endangered rhinos.
Our simple recipes embody authenticity and high-quality craftsmanship, offering everyone the opportunity to be changemakers in the fight against extinction.

Through moments of pleasure and sharing our story we can all engage others who will join the battle. And we will not stop until we have built a future where rhinos roam freely and generations to come can cherish their magnificence.


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Rhino populations are at a tipping point after 16 years of senseless poaching has decimated populations. With more than 12,000 white and black rhinos poached in South Africa and more than 500 rangers gunned down across the continent, up to two rhinos are still poached EVERY DAY! We are still fighting a war.

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Urban Rhino supports Waterberg Rhino UK (charity no 1187429) which was set up in January 2020 to raise funds and awareness to help protect the rhino population of the Waterberg area of South Africa, including the protection of other species of wildlife and habitat that are part of the overall environment. For more information READ OUR BLOG.

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The world’s first specialised rhino orphanage was founded in 2012 when the rhino poaching crisis was at its height. Since then it has saved scores of orphaned babies and continues to be at the forefront of the battle to save the species. Our owner Pete Richardson is a co-founder and still a director of The Rhino Orphanage.

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Rhino horn has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years claimed to be a cure for a range of ailments. But in recent years the demand has spiked across many Asian markets not only as a cure but also as tragically as a status symbol. And increased demand = increased rhino deaths. The real tragedy is that rhino horn is made of the same protein as our own fingernails (Keratin). 

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There are just five species of rhino left on our planet – and it’s shocking how few of each there are:
White rhino – 16,802
Black rhino – 6,487
Greater one-horned rhino (Indian) – 4,018
Javan rhino – 76
Sumatran rhino - 34-47

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Situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the Waterberg is known for its spectacular landscape and rich diversity of wildlife, and is a popular safari destination – it’s also home to the second largest population of rhino in South Africa.  A unique wilderness area, it is awarded the status of a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO as the only savannah biosphere in the world. A place to be protected.

Dark and stormy rum cocktail

Our Signature Rum Cocktail


This recipe is another take on a classic. Move over Dark & Stormy here's our Dark & Horny!
Refreshing, sophisticated and with the addition of a little secret ingredient.

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It is a classical version of a London Dry sipping gin. It builds on the familiar juniper foundation with a flavour of citrusy blossom from lemon peel, a warmth from coriander seed, and a refined gin taste from a delicate blend of orris root, cassia bark and liquorice root.

Our Signature Gin Cocktail


Our recipe naturally uses Urban Rhino Gin as the base, to create a refreshing take on a classic. Our addition of grapefruit and raspberries complements the citrus in our gin perfectly.

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