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Our Story

About Urban Rhino

Our ambition is to provide our customers with the best gin possible. We strive for excellence which is why we chose a distillery whose products have won numerous industry awards. Our passion drives us to ensure we produce a truly classic, traditional full flavoured gin of exceptional smoothness.


We use an uncompromisingly slow distillation process not exceeding 90 degrees centigrade, an 80% vol cut point and a long maceration to draw out the full flavour of the botanical profile. And it takes as long as it takes!


Our Urban Rhino London Dry Gin salutes all the successful and dynamic high achievers that live in our major towns and cities. You understand the need to be part of a thriving community and you enjoy socialising with friends and family. You recognise and enjoy a high quality gin. You enjoy your urban lifestyle and appreciate the need to protect the natural world.

Urban Rhino Conservation

Even as cities flourish, our environment is under increasing pressure to survive. The rhinoceros itself is fighting for its survival. Once near extinction, the Southern White Rhino is now a major conservation success story and we want to help keep it that way.

That’s why we wanted to create something that would enable us to help them endure. A timeless gin that celebrates the survival of the rhinoceros and its struggle to come back from near extinction.

How Urban Rhino Gives Back to Nature

Whilst we celebrate and applaud the success of urban society, we also recognise the need to conserve the habitat of the world’s great beasts. So why not enjoy a truly great gin and at the same time support that most sociable of animals, the white rhino. We will be contributing to charities involved in the protection and conservation of both rhinos and their habitat. By drinking Urban Rhino you are helping us to help them.

We are very pleased to announce that Urban Rhino Gin will be exclusively collaborating with Waterberg Rhino UK (Charity no. 1187429), a UK charity that directly supports conservation efforts of the white rhino in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve of South Africa. Thanks to your support of Urban Rhino Gin you are helping us to help this fantastic organisation to make a real difference in the conservation of these magnificent animals. Waterberg Rhino UK’s mission is to protect and conserve rhino populations in the Waterberg Biosphere area in order to preserve the natural environment and benefit local communities through the enhancement of general security, education and sustainable social upliftment.