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Our Gin

The Gin Drinker's Choice

Our unique full bodied, extra smooth flavour gin is brought to you from a multi-award winning distillery. We are passionate about our gin which is why so much time is taken in the distillation process, ensuring our customers have the best possible taste experience.

Urban Rhino London Dry Gin

Classic Meets Contemporary

Urban Rhino is a classic gin for the modern world. A premium gin that you will be proud to offer family and friends or enjoy in your favourite bar. Distilled in the dry method with a big flavour profile from the high juniper content.

The Distillation Process

We use a combination of 6 classic gin botanicals as part of a slow, patient distillation process. Our low temperature extended distillation yields a big flavour profile especially from the juniper.

The Aroma

A rewarding aroma from the juniper rich premium cut distillation process. You will fully appreciate the benefits of the extended maceration of the select botanicals.

Give it the thumbs up!

The best and easiest way to remove the stopper is to apply upward pressure on one side with your thumbs. It is made from Pure Bohemian glass and provides an excellent seal that preserves the credentials of the gin as it has absolutely no impact on the colour, aroma or taste of Urban Rhino . And even better you can use the stopper on other bottles with the same neck size.

Pour the Perfect Gin and Tonic

Compliment a generous measure of Urban Rhino and your favourite tonic with a thin lemon peel to enjoy a combination of fresh flavours. Adding orange peel will bring out the cassia we use during the distillation process.

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